Fishes and Sea Creatures

I have aways loved the sea. I suppose that is because I was born by the Mediterranean Sea, and I cannot imagine a summer without the salty water surrounding me. Magic places such as Menorca, Peniscola and La Costa Brava are part of my DNA now. I love swimming and diving. As a child I used to be transformed into a Mermaid every time I was diving, my tail was purple, blue and pink.

When I was studying Archaeology I learned Scuba Diving. And I loved it, entering this other world. Around 71% of our planet is covered by water, but we still don't know much of its life and systems. So colourful some times, so scary and gigantic others. When I am dawn there, diving, I can completely relax, forget about my every day life. I am in harmony.

This harmony is what inspired this series of paintings. In them I use a combination of abstract and gesture approach with a detailed and ancient oil painting techniques. I hope you enjoy the result as much as I do.


In 2004 I went to Madeira. I immediately felt in love with the island. It was full of greenery, parks and pound. A lot of those exuberant parks were of Japanese inspiration. There I saw massive goldfishes in pounds. Massive Goldfishes!!! I didn't know that such creatures existed. I was chocked and amazed. So, now that I was painting my series of fishes and sea creatures I decides painted them, the Koi.