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Artwork to fill your life with colour and joy

A home or an office with white walls is a bit dull, doesn’t say much about who we are or what our business is about. A white wall, similar to a white canvas doesn’t speak to us. We need to fill it, decorate it, with something that resonates with ourselves. We all deserve a life and work environment that talks about us and make us feel comfortable.

Art is an excellent way to add your personal touch to your home or your office, make it an enjoyable place, unique and personal. All my paintings and works are original ideas based on my personal experience, ideas and feelings, never copied from online photos. But I want you to make these works yours, find a new meaning for them, a meaning that talks about who you are, your experiences, ideas and feelings. Artists create art, but it is the person who enjoys it who gives a real purpose to all forms of art, being it a song, a painting, a sculpture... 

Browse through my portfolio and see if there is any painting that resonates with you and your vital experience, feelings, desires, goals, ideas, ideology. Is there a painting that speaks to you? Then make it yours, give a new meaning to that painting, your meaning, embodying it with a personal significance. Maybe you get inspired but can´t quite find what you have in mind? Don´t worry, just get in touch as I also make bespoke art commissions that can suit your needs.

Clownfish painting in a bedroom.

Clownfish painting in a bedroom.


Underwater world






Looking East


London Olympics




More about me


The main characteristic of my paintings is a rich and exotic use of the colour. I combine textures and expressive gesture with the versatility of representative oil painting techniques. My style is somehow figurative, strongly influenced by conceptual theories and surrealist artists from my years at the University, although my fellow peers from class, now some of them artists, have inspired me greatly. 

In my paintings I explore ordinary people, animals and situations inspired by my daily experiences to present them in a new way, as something extraordinary. I appreciate every precious moment that life gives me and I just want to capture it them with my art forever to make it enjoyable for other people.



I grew up in a little village surrounded by natural landscapes where I started to be curious about the nature and the beauty surrounding me. 

When I was 17 I took part in my first collective exhibition in Barcelona. At 19 I moved to Barcelona where I became a Fine Arts Graduate for the University of Barcelona.  

After some years dedicated to Archaeology and Museology, I started teaching art and exhibiting around Catalonia. 

In 2011, I moved to London where I developed my personal style, immersed in a vibrant atmosphere of culture, meeting actors, artists and musicians who inspired me. There I was finalist at the ArtGemini Prize 2013 and at the 1st Visual Arts Awards at the Embassy of Brazil 2015.

In November 2016 I moved back to Barcelona, due to family reasons, where I continue my artistic career.  


Curriculum Vitae




  • "Parallax Art Fair", Kensington Town Hall, London. July 


  • "Oxford International Art Fair", Oxford Town Hall, Oxford. February 
  • "Elisenda Vila", Solo exhibition. Eduard Mil·lenni Perruquers, Barcelona. April 2016 - July 2017


  • "Grid Art Fair", Old Truman Brewery, London. October 
  • "Chamaleon Cafe", Angel N1 2BA, London. June - October 2016
  • "Parallax Art Fair 16", Chelsea Town Hall, London. July 2016
  • "Summer Salon 2016", Islington Arts Factory, London.  June - July 2016
  • "Project One Zero Group Show", Bemerton Art Studios, London. April -  June 2016


  • "Islington Exhibit Series 2015", Voluntary Action Islington, London. November 2015 - January 2016 
  • "Parallax Art Fair 14", Chelsea Town Hall, London. October 2015
  • "Figure & Portrait", BAR Gallery, London. September 2015
  • "Parallax Art Fair 13", Chelsea Town Hall, London. July 2015
  • "Summer Salon 2015", Islington Arts Factory, London. June - July 2015
  • “Creekside Open 2015 by Lisa Milroy”, Art in Perpetuity Trust, London. May 2015
  •  “1st Visual Arts Awards”, Embassy of Brazil, London. May 2015
  • “Le Dame Gallery exhibition”, Meliá White House Hotel, London. March – June 
  • “Oxford International Art Fair”, Oxford, UK. February 2015
  • “Go Figure”, Art with Heart, Altrincham, UK. January – March 2015


  • "Open Space", with Exhibit Here and Moderna Art, London. UK. September 2014
  • "The Ones to Watch", with Exhibit Here and Moderna Art, London. UK. June - July 2
  • “Art Gemini Prize finalists' exhibition", Rebecca Hossack Gallery, London. UK. 2014
  • "Contemporary Painting", Brick Lane Gallery, London. UK. 2014


  • "Fresh", Jackson’s Art Supplies, London. UK. 2013


  •  "Mirades d'Orient", Solo exhibition. Teatre de Ponent, Granollers. SPAIN. 2012


  • "Elisenda", Solo exhibition. El Racó de la Cris, Cànoves. SPAIN. 2011
  • "Visions del món", SpaiArt, Berga. SPAIN. 2011
  • "Mirades", Solo exhibition. Clínica CPAE, Barcelona. SPAIN. 2011


  • "Visions de la dona", Solo exhibition. Masia Can Rimblas, Dosrius. SPAIN. 2010 


  • "Visions de la dona", Solo exhibition. Glazz, Centelles. SPAIN. 2009


  • "Col·lectiva 99", Espai Vaho, Barcelona. SPAIN. 1999


Art Magazines:

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Self Published

  • Vila, E. Natural World Series. London, 2016 


  • 1st Visual Arts Awards of the Embassy of Brazil in London finalist, 2015
  • Art Gemini Prize 2013 finalist


  • The Holloway Art Lending Library, UK
  • Works held in private collections in the United States, United Kingdom and Spain.


  • Art and Spanish Leader and Teacher. Minerva Academy, London. 2015 - 2016
  • Art Teacher at St. Peter's Catholic Primary School, Romford. 2015
  • Art Teacher at ARK Bentworth Primary Academy, London. 2015
  • Art Teacher at Stewart Headlam Primary School, London. 2014 
  • Secondary and Primary supply teacher, London. 2013 - 2014
  • Private Art Tutor, London. 2013- 2015
  • Secondary and A-levels art teacher, Government of Catalonia, Spain. 2008 - 2010


  • Postgraduate Diploma of Technical Drawing, University of Barcelona 2008 - 2009
  • Master in Archaeology, University of Barcelona. 2003 - 2005
  • PGCE in Arts, University Polithectic of Catalonia. 2003 - 2004
  • Licentiate degree in Fine Arts, University of Barcelona. 1999 - 2003