Birds and Sky creatures

Do I enjoy being a bird? I don´t know yet.

The feeling of freedom whilst flying is incredible, the wind kissing you skin and guiding you is really liberating.

It is funny looking down at people, thinking that a few moments ago you were like them, with their busy lives and their stress.

As a bird I have wings, wings to bring me everywhere I want in life. 

The story behind the paintings

During May 2014 I went to visit Ireland with my parents. It was wonderful, so green and full of natural life. We could see some gulls in Dublin, by the river, like the one on the left. The background represent the Liffey, at its pass through the city.

In our pass by the lovely town of Adare, an Heritage Town, we had our lunch in the park in front of the Tourist Centre. There a lot of crows gathered around us trying to get some breadcrumbs out of us. They were lovely and we ended up giving them our spare food.

The story behind the painting

This lovely starling was seen in the canals of north London whilst going for a walk with my friends. That was a time where London was home and friendship was as intens as it was ephemeral.



Since I was a little girl I have enjoyed painting flowers. I hadn't done it for some years but I got inspired by some of them and for fellow artist to give it a go and so recreate their beauty in my paintings.

The story behind the painting

Pink Flowers is an explosion of colour to celebrate the arrival of the spring and the rebirth of nature. In the present painting the colour and the gesture are both important to imbue a sense of abundance and rebirth. 

I saw these flowers at Duck Island Cottage at Saint Jame's Park whilst showing the city to a friends visiting me from Spain during spring of 2014 and inmediately inspired as a symbol of the abundance.

The story behind the painting

Before leaving London in 2016 I went to Kew Gardens with my aunt, as I had been there just once before I didn´t want to leave without visiting it again. There I fell in love again with their gardens, flowers, plants and the park itself.